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Cotton candy aroma (scent pellet)

Cotton candy aroma (scent pellet)

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Welcome to Teddy Bear Universe

Welcome to Teddy Bear Universe, a magical place where you create warm memories by choosing, personalizing, and dressing your unique and adorable companion.

Plushes Réconfortants

These Plushes can help calm, comfort, and soothe. Comforting Plushes are filled with glass beads and scented with French lavender.

Washing Instructions:

- Remove the pouch and scent sachet from inside the Comforting Plush.

- Place in a laundry bag for delicate garments.

- Machine wash on gentle cycle.

- Air dry.

Warm your Comforting Plushes for:

- Your comfort.

- Staying warm on cold nights.

- Soothing muscles, joints, and tensions.

Warming Instructions*

- Place in microwave, heat (1000-1200 W power) in 30-second intervals for a maximum of 2 minutes (120 sec) maximum.

*Only heat from room temperature.

Cautions: Do not overheat, risk of burns. Failure to adhere to the 2-minute microwave limit may result in damage to the item. Adult supervision is recommended at all times.

Cool your Comforting Plushes for:

- Comfort on warm nights.

- Soothing bumps or bruises.

- Enjoying the relaxing lavender scent.

Cooling Instructions:

- Place on a clean surface or in a bag and let cool in the freezer for several hours until desired temperature is reached.

Not suitable for toddlers (0-36 months.

Must travel in checked luggage

If you intend to fly, ensure that the Comforting Plushes will travel in checked baggage.

Plushes made from recycled materials

1. Selection of recyclable materials:

PET plastic water bottles, product packaging, and other discarded plastic items are collected and sorted.

2. Decomposition and grinding:

Recyclable materials undergo a process of decomposition and grinding to turn them into smaller, more manageable fragments while preserving their quality and strength.Recyclable materials undergo a process of decomposition and grinding to turn them into smaller, more manageable fragments while preserving their quality and strength.

3. Transformation into plushes fibers:

The fragments of recyclable materials are transformed into soft and flexible fibers, specially designed for creating plushes, while retaining their strength and durability.

4. Weaving and shaping:

plush fibers are woven or shaped according to the desired design and shape for the plush toy, ensuring a soft and pleasant texture to the touch.

5. Finishing and details:

plush fibers are integrated into the plush toy manufacturing process, adding details such as eyes, nose, and other characteristic elements of the character, to create a unique and adorable plush toy ready to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Welcome to the magical adventure of bringing your best friend to life!

Choose Your Companion

Imagine a world of plush toys and choose your favorite from over 70 models. This is just the beginning of your incredible journey!

Bring it to Life with Your Magic

Once you've chosen your plush, it's time for magic. With a simple gesture, you can infuse your "soul" into the plush, represented by a guardian angel or a magical star.

Enchanted Scents and Sounds

What if you could add sound to your friend? You can choose from magical sounds specific to your plush or record the voices of special people. You can also add a magical scent so your plush smells like endless adventure!

Dressed in Magic

The celebration continues with the choice of outfit. Do you want to dress your plush as a brave cowboy, a charming princess, or perhaps a fearless astronaut? The options are endless!

Create its Passport

To ensure your friend is ready for all the adventures ahead, we'll provide them with a passport featuring their photo and personal information. It's their ticket to travel in the world of imagination!

The Oath of Eternal Friendship

Finally, the most special moment: you and your plush make an oath of eternal love and friendship. This oath seals a magical bond that will last forever. Now, your plush is a true enchanted friend!

Delivery Policies

Upon receiving your order, we will immediately send you a confirmation via email. If you wish to modify your order, please contact us at or call us at 1-888-482-1131. You may be asked to leave a message on our voicemail; we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your order processing will take 48 to 72 hours, followed by normal delivery times. For more information, please refer to our section on deliveries and taxes.

All products sold at Teddy Bear Universe come with a comprehensive one-month warranty. If a product purchased from us proves to be defective or breaks due to normal use during this period, we commit to repairing or replacing it, as applicable. After a month, we will be happy to admit the unstitched plushies to our plush hospital and do our best to nurse them back to health.

Our products meet safety standards for children and are recommended for ages 3 and up.

We do not accept refunds, only exchanges for defective items. Return the defective items to us at our expense; we will replace them and send them back at your expense. Contact us at or 1-888-482-1131.