In-Store Celebration

  • We turn birthday parties into a whirlwind of joy and laughter! 🎉🛍️

    Our facilitator will guide your children through a two-hour epic adventure! The star of the show? Their very own fluffy plush, chosen from a wide variety of options. Children will delight in stuffing their plush, bringing their new best friend to life! Additionally, they will receive a magical heart for their cuddly companion and choose a delightful sound or scent. Each participant will be able to dress their Plush in a t-shirt that they will decorate to add a touch of personal style. Every plush will receive a stylish travel box to keep them safe on their future expeditions.

Each participant receives:

  • 1 plush of 40 cm of your choice
  • 1 magic heart for your plush
  • Choice between a sound or a aroma*
  • 1 T-shirt
  • 1 travel suitcase for the plush
    (*The celebrated child receives a sound, a scent, and an outfit for their plush)
    Also, enjoy an additional 10% discount on accessories in the store for all participants.

    Price: $299 + taxes for 6 children, $36 + taxes per additional child.

Additional Information

The entire party revolves around the enchanting Teddy Bear Universe.

Children bring their future Plush companion to life by choosing its appearance, accessories, and making a pledge to take care of it.

Additional activities are planned according to the children's ages, always revolving around the Plushes theme.

The celebration in the magical Teddy Bear Universe lasts for 2 hours.

Commitment to Children

At Teddy Bear Universe , every party at the Boutique is a personalized adventure. From adorable Plush to unique sensory choices, this celebration becomes a canvas where your ideas come to life. Dive into a sensory odyssey where sound and scent choices transcend the ordinary.