Group Packages at your place.

We create magical moments for memorable activities!

Our activity "Group Packages" a special experience designed for children that has captured the hearts of both little ones and educators and animators. It consistently ranks among the favorite activities of the year. Participants have the pleasure of creating their plush and personalizing it in your establishment. The activity is well-suited for the first days at camp to comfort them, educational days, pajama-themed days, graduation and year-end celebrations, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, outdoor activities with animal and nature themes, carnival weeks, or school spirit events, achievements or special recognitions, etc.

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Each child receives:

  • 1 plush 20 cm, from a wide selection of plushes.
  • 1 bag of stuffing to fill their plush.
  • 1 magic heart to insert into the plush after making a magical wish.
  • 1 T-shirt to dress and personalize their plush (drawing, printing, embroidery) with the school logo, for example.

For the "Group Packages" activity: 20 cm package (Price 15$ + tax and delivery) and 40 cm package (Price 31$ + tax and delivery)

*Taxes and delivery fees not included. Price valid for any order confirmed before August 31, 2024

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Can a Teddy Bear Universe animator conduct the workshop at our location?

With the Group Packages, you receive all the necessary materials to conduct your own workshop independently. Depending on the geographical area, Teddy Bear Universe may offer workshop animation for an additional cost depending on the group size. For more information, please contact us directly.

Can we pick up our order in-store?

Orders can be picked up free of charge at our DIX30 store (Brossard). For pickup at Galeries de la Capitale (Québec), please contact us directly.

Can we return unused plushes if a child doesn't show up?

Unfortunately, unused plushes from an activity cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons. We recommend keeping them for a future activity.

Are the 40cm plushes available as part of the 'Plush at Your Place' package?

The 'plush at Your Place' package is available in both 20cm and 40cm sizes. The price for the 20cm package is $15 + tax, while the 40cm package is $31 + tax.

Do you deliver to remote areas/regions?

We use Canada Post services for delivery, so we ship nationwide.

Is it possible to order individually?

The minimum number of plushes for the package is six (6). However, it is possible to order each plush model individually.

What to do with the t-shirt delivered with the "Group Packages"?

You can:

  • Have your institution's logo printed on the t-shirt directly by Teddy Bear Universe
  • Ask the children to draw on the t-shirt related to the theme of the activity or the chosen plush using textile markers (available at Teddy Bear Universe)
  • Write the name given to the plush by the participant
  • Simply dress the plush with its white t-shirt.

Can we choose the themes of the magical hearts delivered with the plushes?

As part of the 'Plush at Your Place' package, we send you a mix of magical hearts with the following five (5) themes: kindness, friendship, love, courage, and loyalty. You can opt for a single theme when placing your order.

What is the deadline for placing an order?

To ensure the availability of your plush choices, it is preferable to place an order at least two (2) weeks before the activity. It is recommended to provide a list of alternative choices in case a particular plush model is not available in time for the activity.

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

The price of the "Plush at Your Place" package is designed for groups of all sizes and is already adjusted to make the activity accessible to as many people as possible.

How long does the activity last?

The total duration will vary depending on how you conduct the activity and the dexterity of each child.