The concept of Teddy Bear Universe is based on a simple mission: operating an interactive themed retail business that provides a magical experience.

Teddy Bear Universe

The concept involves creating a unique experience of "birthing" a plush. Through a simple "stuffing" system, customers fill the chosen plush from a range of over forty different models.

After this step, the customer is invited to "give birth" to their plush friend by inserting its "soul" (placing a guardian angel or a magical fabric star that symbolizes the soul inside the plush before closing it) and making a pledge of love and loyalty to their new friend. Before sealing it, you can insert sound capsules (children's laughter, kisses, lullabies, etc.) and even a self-recordable capsule allowing you to create a special message or give a voice to your plush.

This step will be completed by issuing a passport for the animal containing its details along with a photo of the plush and its owner.

Next comes the dressing stage, during which nearly a hundred costumes, each as amusing as the other, are offered to customers. Each purchase can be complemented with a few accessories (shoes, sandals, backpacks, glasses, etc.).

The chosen items are finally carried away in a special and original packaging from the store, the plush suitcase! This complements plush passport in the theme of its journey to its new home.

Our decor revolves around a magical and colorful universe. Finally, the experience of our stores is completed by our staff who will make you experience the magic of the concept!

Company Profile

Teddy Bear Universe opened its first store at the Mont-Tremblant Tourist Resort in the summer of 2004, followed by another at the Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec in June 2006. In the same year, Teddy Bear Universe opened a branch at Quartier DIX30 in Brossard in September 2006.

Given the enthusiasm of the public for the concept, the company also launched an online platform, allowing people to make various purchases of plushes, accessories, or clothing for their plush companions.

It's worth noting that the company was the national winner of the Quebec Entrepreneurship Competition in 2004.