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Bienvenue sur Univers Toutou

Bienvenue sur Univers Toutou


Bienvenue sur Univers Toutou


The concept of the Plush Factory is based on one simple mission: developing an interactive themed retail store offering a magical experience – the creation of a new friend.

After selecting their “plush”the furry skin that will become their new friend – from more than 40 possibilities, our guests proceed to stuff the animal via an easy- to-use stuffing machine manned by our staff.

At this stage, the guest is asked to insert a Guardian Angel or a Magic star into the furry friend in order to give it birth, while making a secret wish for it.

The next step is the creation of the new friend's passport that will include the date of birth, description of the animal and picture of the new friend and its owner.

Then comes the time to dress your new friend. A selection of more than a hundred costumes and accessories are available to give your plush friend a personality and a look all its own! Shoes, boots, hats and glasses…everything is there to make your friend irresistible...

The chosen items and the friend are then packed into an original box: the travel suitcase. Equipped with a suitcase and passport, the new friend is now ready to leave the store and go home with you!

The décor of the store adds to the fun, creating a colorful and wacky factory full of bright colors, giant accessories and hundreds of stuffed animals. Our staff is competent and very friendly, and are a big part of the experience that makes the Plush Factory a magical place!

Company profile 

Univers Toutou opened its first shop in Mont-Tremblant Resort in the summer of 2004. In June 2006, they opened their store at the Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec City, followed by another at the Quartier DIX30 in Brossard in September 2006. 

In addition, thanks to the public's enthusiastic response to the concept, the company also provides a transactional website that allows customers to purchase various plush animals, accessories and clothing for their plush friends

It ‘s interesting to note that the company was a national winner of the Québec Entrepreneurship Contest in 2004.

In terms of future development, our company plans to open new stores in the coming months.

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