Bienvenue sur Univers Toutou

Bienvenue sur Univers Toutou


Chat Bobcat 40 cm Chiens & Chats

Bienvenue sur Univers Toutou


Our four children asked us to create a new plush animal at Univers Toutou as a family activity for all their birthdays. They also asked that we always make a group wish before inserting the star inside the plush and stuff the plush animal in question.

During our last visit in May, our children noticed that there were some wedding costumes available for the plush animals. That’s how our plush animals got married with us on July 7th.

Carole et Pierre-Louis as well as our children Sarah, Elizabeth, Annie et Vincent​

​Hi Marie-Ève from Quebec, I wanted to thank you for helping me create my new friend, Charles, the elephant.

We had a lot of fun together in Quebec and we just arrived home in Montreal where he met all my other plush animals.

As I pledged, I take great care of him!

Have a good day




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